Volunteers are amazing. They create opportunities for support, encouragement, skill-sharing, learning and friendship. Today we’re looking for someone with exactly your set of skills to join us.

Do any of these sound like you?

Primary/junior teachers, classroom assistants, people with art, music, circus, dance and/or drama experience, youth workers.

That's me!

Great! We run holiday clubs in schools in Zambia that you’d be perfect for. Also, we need trained teachers to help, encourage and mentor untrained teachers in various locations.

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Those who are looking for UK-based volunteering opportunities in our Monmouth office.

That's me!

Perfect – there are lots of opportunities for regular or occasional volunteering here at HATW HQ, including in the office, fundraising, helping with an event, checking mozzie nets etc.

If you’re interested in volunteering at our offices here in the UK, you’d be very welcome. Please email us at info@hatw.org.uk or give us a ring on 01600 740317 first for a chat.

Labourers, builders, painters & decorators, those with an interest in building and construction.

That's me!

Perfect. We need help building classrooms at rural schools in Rwanda, India and Zambia.

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TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teachers.

That's me!

That’s brilliant. We’re looking for professionals like you to mentor teachers oversees, and also to teach English to adults and children in Rwanda.

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Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Special Needs Teachers, and others with experience of managing children with special needs.

That's me!

Fantastic. We’re looking for professionals like you to help at our disability centre and special school in Kenya.

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Those who don’t quite fit any of the above, but are really interested in the possibility of volunteering for us.

That's me!

Amazing! Other volunteers of all sorts of shapes and sizes are always in demand, so do not be put off if your particular skills are not mentioned in our ‘most wanted’ list! There may well be a place for you yet, why not find out more about volunteering and how to apply?

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What makes an overseas volunteer?

“HANDS AROUND THE WORLD’S volunteers are encouragers and skill-sharers sent overseas in response to needs expressed to us.

The kind of volunteers we place include people with child care experience, builders, teachers, agriculturists, occupational and physiotherapists, and many more.  Volunteers share more than just their skills – caring, boundless enthusiasm and a sense of humour are essential, as are the ability to cope with creepy crawlies and basic accommodation!

Volunteers are unpaid and will normally go in twos and threes.  Couples will be considered, volunteering together.  We have so far sent over 550 volunteers since 1994, mostly to sub-Saharan Africa.

We do not tolerate of any form of sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, bullying or other abuse of those we work hard to protect, or of staff and volunteers, including within our partner organisations.

We recognise and wholly accept that we have a profound responsibility for safe guarding:
1. Children and other vulnerable people we come into contact with, including parents and carers
2. Our volunteers and all those who work for and with HATW”


David Steiner, Founder and Trustee, Hands Around the World



What are the age limits?

Our volunteers usually range from 21-75, but there are opportunities for 18-21 & 75-79 year olds, ask us!

How will you know I'm suitable?

We start with an application form and an informal interview which helps us to assess you, and you to assess us.

We will also ask for references (work, personal and from your GP) and a DBS check. (Disclosure & Barring Service, previously CRB)

Living in Africa or India sounds daunting, how will I cope?

We take our responsibilities seriously. You will receive information about your project, required inoculations and advice on living and working in the area.

You will be required to attend a one day induction course.

How much does it cost?

We ask for a donation of £1500: £250 when you are accepted and £1250 about 4 weeks before you leave. This is the same however long you go for. We encourage volunteers to fundraise and have lots of materials to help. Where possible we ask you to raise an extra £500 which will go directly to benefit your project.

We will arrange and pay for your flights, insurance and travel to your project. We provide a medical kit and a mosquito net.

Are there any other costs?

Yes, you will need to pay for inoculations and anti-malaria pills before you travel, visa, and travel costs to and from your departure airport.

Accommodation will usually be provided at the project but you will need to pay for food (about £3 per day) and local travel.

Can I take gifts or items into the Project?

Yes, but talk to us first to be sure items are suitable. We can usually arrange extra baggage.

What is accommodation like?

You will be in local accommodation. This may mean no electricity or running water at times, it varies from project to project and on what is available at the time. But it will be the very best your hosts can provide.

What happens at the end of my stay?

We suggest all volunteers take a 2 night local holiday in the country.

We ask all volunteers to make a report and attend a debriefing.

We encourage all volunteers to stay in touch.

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