Schooling Children in Benin

This project aims to get poor rural children into school, many of them are orphans. At Dogba School,  previous classrooms were washed away by the river Oueme in flood – we have helped to complete three new classrooms on stilts. We seek to support the school, and others nearby, in providing good quality education and a meal for them each day, also helping older children into apprenticeships or further education. Now we are looking also to provide residential accommodation for some of the neediest children.

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Benin is a poor African country and orphaned children are often the most needy, as are children with disabilities. We are seeking to support a local group which helps these most disadvantaged children, so that they may get in to school, access treatment if required including eye care, and then later go on to vocational training or further education.

How will this project solve this problem?

Providing new flood-proof classrooms has made education a much more secure possibility in Dogba village and the local community. Here and at some of our other partner centres, a HANDS AROUND THE WORLD child sponsorship scheme costing $16 (£10) per child per month allows for ongoing support.

Potential Long Term Impact

We hope that enabling larger numbers of children to access education will significantly impact on their lives. Particularly, educating girls is well known to have a dramatically beneficial effect on the health and well-being of the next generation, including improving child and maternal mortality rates.

Project Message

Orphans and children with disabilities are desperately vulnerable. With our supporters’ help we really are bringing hope and giving access to education and health for a brighter future for them.
– Geoff Burnett, HATW link volunteer, retired UK school headteacher



Eye Testing

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Schooling Children in Benin

Schooling Children in Benin