Vocational Training in Uganda

Siriba Primary School is on the refugee road and has grown rapidly to almost 1400 children. Next door, we have helped build a vocational training centre for older children which teaches carpentry, sewing, masonry and mechanics. Offering encouragement to poor and vulnerable young people – many of them orphans – it aims to help lift them out of poverty. We need help to sustain and develop this important work. Can you please help us secure the next two years?

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Uganda is a very poor country, and home to many vulnerable young people – many of the most needy have been orphaned and displaced. We have helped build a vocational training centre (VTC) comprising carpentry and tailoring workshops with a lockable store and classroom. Training of children started informally in August 2008 with 8 students in each of the two disciplines, and has now grown to include masonry and mechanics.

How will this project solve this problem?

As well as skills training, the centre aims to help basic literacy, numeracy and business skills, provide a nationally-recognised certificate and tool kit on graduation – to prepare these young people well for sustainable living in the outside world.

Potential Long Term Impact

This training programme aims to help children out of dire poverty and towards a sustainable and better quality of life – it is vitally important to break the cycle of deprivation and give these vulnerable young people encouragement and hope.

Project Message

I was very impressed when I saw the VTC in action. The students were well motivated and the quality of the teaching very professional. It was good to see such a varied curriculum so well taught.
– Rev Mike Williams, HATW Link Volunteer