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An inspirational man, Alindra Naskar, in his retirement, has with the help of HATW, built and opened  a school and vocational training centre in his home village. 340+ children are enrolled and young women are training in sewing and embroidery.

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Until now there has been very little good quality, affordable primary education available in the densely populated towns and villages near the Bay of Bengal in India. As this is also a multi-cultural area of much poverty, the children have great needs to be met. Many young women too, often still teenagers themselves, are very disadvantaged with no income and without training, and need help to support themselves and their families.

How will this project solve this problem?

Our partners at the New Life Centre address these needs by providing a very high standard of primary education at low cost, along with developing vocational training programmes in a number of disciplines for local young people. Our child sponsorship scheme helps the school to continue its vital work, and additional recent financial support will develop new classrooms very soon.

Potential Long Term Impact

Alindra Naskar has devoted his life to the service of others, both children and adults – first and foremost the women. His favourite saying is: “If you educate a woman, you educate a family”.

Project Message

I believe that Mr Naskar deserves as much help as we can give. He is making a huge difference to the lives of the children in Sarberia, quite irrespective of their religion or ability to pay.
– Tess Molloy, HATW link volunteer

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