MCDC Children's Centre, Ghana

Helping poor and vulnerable children, some with disabilities and some orphaned, this centre provides schooling for more than 200 children.


What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The Centre is a registered Ghanaian charity set up by Siaka Stevens in 2001, dedicated to helping disadvantaged children. Near the small town of Akomadan it has on an acquired 6 hectare plot, a centre where needy children can be cared for, supported and schooled. In partnership with the social welfare department, some are also fostered by families in the neighbourhood. We have been involved there since 2006, helping first to build accommodation, dining, kitchen and washroom facilities; we then helped building the school which now has 200+ children.

How will this project solve this problem?

We aim to help with teaching training and other support. The school generates some income from the community to support itself and other aspects of the work of Misthy Cee.

Potential Long Term Impact

HATW is working with the local team, and the social welfare department, to benefit as many children as possible through education and encouragement in the difficulties facing them everyday.

Project Message

I suffered a disability as a child (polio of the leg) and so I can understand the problems which many children in our community suffer, and I want to help them.

– Siaka Stevens, Misthy Cee Director

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