Developing a School in Rwanda

Working in the busy, rapidly expanding school of St. Paul Muko in Bugarama, this project improves many children’s lives and prospects by providing classroom improvement and refurbishment, and employment for local building tradesmen. We are also helping with English Language teaching support and in-service training for teachers.

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Change of language medium is a big problem, but seen as vital for integrating into the East African community. Teachers must stop teaching in French; students’ learning is affected because many of their teachers do not yet have the skills. And building maintenance work is needed; this is the only Senior school in the town without boarding fees. Growing numbers and little school income mean help is needed to keep standards high and cater for all.

How will this project solve this problem?

By improving the classroom environment and the language skills of the teachers, we are improving the skills of their students. Strong linguistic skills stand students in good stead for getting much sought after boarding school places, and hopefully on to enter further education or  ‘good’ jobs.

Potential Long Term Impact

*   Better English language skills and therefore better work opportunities

*   School buildings for people to be proud of, happy and eager to attend.

Hopefully all students will benefit as they pass through the school; we want to provide language support for all local teachers who will then take their skills back to the classroom. We would like to think that within 3-5 years all teachers will have achieved a good command of English.

Project Message

It’s so moving to see the inspiring generosity and dedication of your team. There is no doubt about the lasting impact in Bugarama, and I am so pleased to see they also enjoy their visits.

– Dr Simon Mbarushimana, Rwandan link co-ordinator


Playing on a motorbike!

Muko windows replacement

 Replacing classroom windows