Children with Special Needs

North Meru DCC in Kenya is a project to help children with a wide range of disabilities, and increase community awareness of disability issues. 100+ children attend Athi Special School. Many more are hidden at home due to stigma and ignorance.

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Many children with disabilities are hidden from view due to prevailing local attitudes and perceptions. Children with remediable and manageable conditions are often not being presented for treatment. Parents need to be encouraged to seek advice and help, taught coping strategies and offered ongoing support. In this poor rural community with hilly terrain, difficult access and poor transport options, it is often the cost which limits what can currently be achieved.

How will this project solve this problem?

So far we have helped build a dormitory able to accommodate up to 80 children (40 boys and 40 girls) with special needs, and a wheelchair-friendly dining hall. With the help of experienced short-term volunteer professionals and some funding support, we are now helping the centre to develop its work, refurbish the orthopaedic workshop, provide training for staff and help more children more effectively. Some need expensive surgery and/or equipment – we aim to help identify needs and enable solutions to be found and implemented.

Potential Long Term Impact

Improving facilities, staffing levels. training, equipment and resources enable the project to develop and help not just those children attending school, but others in the community. The educational outreach aims also to benefit future generations.

Athi Special School, Kenya

Athi Special School, Kenya