Carpentry Training for Kenyans

Paluoc carpentry training workshop was built in 2010, and extended recently, with help from HATW.  It offers training to very disadvantaged young people in Kisumu, Kenya; the first have now obtained National Grade 3 Certificates for Carpentry. These young people are continuing to train at the workshop to improve their own skills and to help the new trainees for whom they are positive role models.

The aim is to provide hope, encouragement, useful new skills, and a means of employment – a way out of poverty for them and their families.

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

There are many children and teenagers on the streets of Kisumu sniffing glue to ease the pain. It is a truly tragic and distressing sight. Most of these are vulnerable and at risk as a result of HIV affecting their families.

Many of Paluoc’s trainees are orphans as a consequence of HIV/AIDS, who have dropped out of school and had no training for life or employment. Their self-esteem is very low and their prospects without outside help are very poor. Many of these young lives are at risk.

How will this project solve this problem?

Youngsters who have previously failed or dropped out of school, often through no fault of their own, need  a place where they can achieve success and greater self-confidence and self worth.

Training brings meaning and structure into their lives. The centre acts as a source of support and help. Paluoc is establishing itself as a good and free training centre, an unusual combination. Training includes teaching basic numeracy and literacy skills where necessary, in addition to aspiring to produce carpentry of above-average standard. It leads to a nationally recognised qualification, some business skills and a small starter toolkit.

Potential Long Term Impact

The project will help many young people to find employment and enable them to become self-sufficient, supporting both themselves and their families. This provides huge encouragement and greatly lifts their morale. Starting with a relatively small cohort, the aim is to gradually increase the number of trainees. With sufficient funding, we hope to be able to extend the project to offer training in other disciplines and to more young people in the future.

Project Message

Paul is a very good carpenter, a very good teacher, and a very kind man
– Rashid Otieno, Former trainee

Paluoc 3 with certs 0414

Proudly showing off their certificates

Paluoc chairs 1113 small

Some furniture made at Paluoc