Some fundraising ideas!


Advertising in reception

After school club


Annual report

Art / art exhibition

Assault course


Award ceremony


Bicycle ride



Breakfast meetings

Buffet lunch


Bungee jumps



Car parking spaces

Car racing day

Casino night


Challenge events

Chicken dance

Clay pigeon shoot

Clothing / uniforms

Club night

Coffee morning

Comedy night

Community events




Cookery book

Corporate membership

Course or training


Course of bricks

Cultural events




Direct mail

Disabled sports event


Dragon boat racing

Dress down day





Fashion show




Football event


Garden makeover


Give up…

Golf day

Graphic design




Hospitality / food / drink

It’s a knockout

Karting challenge

Kite Festival





Motor event

Mufti day at schools

Naming opportunity

Nature walk


Parachute jump


Penalty kick competition



Playground equipment







Promotional materials


Pub crawl


Quiz night

Race night





Recipe book



Retail merchandise items


Running marathon /event

Running vests


Shave / waxing

Shaved logo in hair

Signposting at venue




Slim event

Social event / tour

Speed dating event

Speed networking event


Sports event

Stay in bed ‘duvet day’


Swimming marathon


Team event

Temporary tattoo

Ten pin bowling

Theatre night







Valentine ball







Wacky day


Women’s networking

Zip slide


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Please would you organise an event for us?

Please would you organise an event of your choosing for us?
It could be awareness-raising around the areas of our work, or appealing for volunteers, or fundraising, or all of the above.
For a little giggle and to provoke some thoughts, we have attached a batch of ideas given us lately!
Do kindly give this some serious thought and let us know what you are planning so that we can co-ordinate dates and help one another.

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Please help us grow a wonderful school!

Sarberia girl cropped


Started ten years ago by Alindra Naskar, an inspirational local man, the remarkable New Life Centre School has grown from 35 children to 450. We need £9500 ($14500) now to build more classrooms for older children. Please help!

The children in this district of West Bengal are really fortunate to have Mr. Naskar, the school Principal, living in their community, as this means that they can have a good education. He has always remembered that from humble beginnings he was sponsored himself through school and university, later working for many years with The Leprosy Mission.

Read more here…


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Update from Paluoc Training Workshop, Kisumu, Kenya

Work and training at Paluoc Carpentry workshop continues to go well. The workshop has carried on as usual with teaching the trainees new carpentry skills, whilst at the same time seeking real carpentry/joinery work for them to do to help them earn a few shillings for themselves and their families.

Most of their work is to do with providing desks, benches and lockers for local schools. The school population of Kisumu continues to grow quite rapidly so there is a fairly steady demand. However the demand for desks etc is very seasonal. Schools want them and order them at the beginning of the school year but by this stage all of those orders have been delivered.

There is some demand for bed frames for people’s homes, and for tables and chairs for churches and community centres, but these are not sufficient to provide a continuous flow of orders and work.

In some ways this is good as it allows Paul to concentrate on teaching new skills to the trainees, but if the workshop is eventually to be self-sufficient then they always need to be on the lookout for other ways of earning money.

Recently Paul has been loaning out some of his more experienced trainees to help with carpentry jobs on building sites – they have been fixing wardrobes, door frames and doors.

This is Bonaventure, one of Paul’s most skilful and trusted trainees fitting a wardrobe.

Paluoc Bonaventure 0915

Kennedy and Stephen are hanging a door in a newly built home.

Paluoc Ken Stephen 0915

Meanwhile Maurine, one of Paul’s two female trainees, works at improving her skills back at the workshop.

Paluoc Maurine 0915

Slowly but steadily the workshop is establishing itself and becoming accepted as a successful way of providing free training for youngsters who have earlier missed out on their education.

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Update from Kaliyangile Zambia

Kali Matilda with own machine 0815

Matilda, proud of her own Sewing Machine

The past few months at Kaliyangile have been challenging, but everyone is working hard to move forward, supporting the vulnerable teenagers in Chisamba.

The project has always looked into ways of maximising the effectiveness of its activities. In its early days, a substantial water system was introduced with a wind pump and a series of tanks and reservoirs. Repair of the wind pump is being carried out to prevent reliance on the erratic electricity supply. But unfortunately the incubator does rely on electricity and because of power rationing (known as ‘load-shedding’ – which means planned lengthy daily power cuts) it cannot currently be used.

Kali Water System 0815

The sow will be sold on so that the piggery project can be put back on track.

The bee keeping course and the computing training are well under way, also giving the students opportunities to acquire some extra income.

Matilda – a former Kaliyangile student – is now working from home, having bought her own sewing machine. She told me that she had plenty of customers for her products and she was also able to provide clothes for her children so that they were no longer “running around in rags”. It is good to see former students able to look after themselves and their families. Matilda would like to get a treadle machine that will enable her to work faster.

Life in Zambia is always hard for most people, and particularly in the long dry season. Often there is no rain at all from Easter right through until November!  Poor harvests in recent years have made life even more difficult – and with the drop in world copper prices, the value of the currency, the Zambian Kwacha, has dropped dramatically leading to a greatly increased cost of living. Providing help to give teenagers extra skills is even more important to help them through the difficult times.

Thank you very much for your much-valued ongoing support.

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Medical Student Mawini Update

Chris Barrell our project co-ordinator for PIZZ Zambia has recently returned to the UK with an update regarding medical student Mawini M which I am sure you will be interested to read. It is printed below.

Mawini has now successfully finished her first year at medical school and we are naturally hoping to enable her to continue her studies. We have been advised that the cost for her second year is 30,572 Zambian Kwatcha of which 4050 is for accommodation and the remainder fees and other necessities including transport, food and study materials. This equates to about £2400 in total, and any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

PIZZ Mawini 2 0815


Chris writes…

Mawini came to PIZZ School to meet me. She is a lovely young lady and is enjoying her university life. As a medical student she only spends the first year on the main university campus. She has done well with her studies – in her mid term exams her lowest mark was 84%. From September she will be studying at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka where she will also be doing her clinical training.

Mawini stays in a boarding house with friends (the campus accommodation is not available for medical students). She says that the house is OK although it costs more than the campus accommodation.

Mawini is very aware of the opportunity that she has been given and is determined not to waste it. She therefore works very hard at her studies. I said that I hoped that she had some time to enjoy being with friends etc. – though her studies seem to keep her very busy.

Her family is now living in Mazabuka (about 50 km from Monze). Mawini’s father is no longer alive; she has an elder brother who had cerebral malaria which left him with a number of disabilities. Her mother has to devote most of her time to looking after this son, which limits her ability to earn money and look after the family. The family is very proud of Mawini’s success and they look forward to the time when she will be a fully qualified doctor. Her mother is prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to support her with her ambition.

There is a possibility that a government bursary could be available from the third year. Mawini is intending to apply next year. I explained that if she was successful – even with a partial bursary – it would enable us to help other students.

I really enjoyed meeting Mawini again. She is a credit to PIZZ school and a wonderful role model, giving hope to the other students and motivating them to work hard.

Thank you very much for supporting her!

Chris Barrell

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Wye Valley Holiday Cottage

Old Chapel Cottage 0815


We have just been offered a holiday in this delightful 3-bedroom cottage overlooking the Wye Valley near Kerne Bridge to auction in support of the work of HANDS AROUND THE WORLD.

It really is lovely and in a beautiful spot! Please tell your friends too…

Old Chapel Cottage view 0815

 Old Chapel Cottage is in a peaceful location with outstanding views, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and woodland.

The auction is for one week’s stay at any time, subject to availability.

Guide price is from £450 to £650 per week.

 Bid here today

Winner is the highest bid at 12 noon on Friday 21 August 2015.

Old Chapel Cottage 2 0815




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Update from Rwanda

By Dennis Spencer – HANDS AROUND THE WORLD Link Volunteer

Some of the kids from Muko School

Some of the kids from Muko School
Since this project began back in 2010, one of the main objectives of the charity is to have English teachers visit Muko School.
We did manage to get two in 2011, and one this year in February. If all goes to plan, this coming November will be our most successful to date, as we are intending to take a team of five volunteers, four of whom are trained teachers including one with TEFL qualifications.
These four will be working under the guidance of the school head teacher, and dean of studies; they will spend four weeks teaching the resident teachers of the school during their holiday period.

The fifth member of the group will once again (with the help of local labourers) continue with the maintenance program that is now firmly in place, the continuation of the perimeter wall having priority, Also the installation of the fresh water tanks that have previously been purchased with money donated to the charity. And there is still a lot of work to be done on the long-drop toilets. General painting, mending broken windows and doors will continue too.

All this and the general maintenance of this school in what still is a very under privileged area, still needs to be financed. Although the volunteers pay their own expenses, there is still the cost of the very enthusiastic local labour, and materials to be paid for.

If you have already donated to this project, I thank you! But more finance is always needed to allow us to continue to support this school… Please help us if you can!

Muko Classrooms needing work

Muko Classrooms needing work

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