It is the little things

Djala gave me a warm welcome as we met on the steps of the clinic in Bugarama, Southern Rwanda. It is the third year that I have visited her as part of a group from HATW, working on the local school.

She knew I had some of the equipment we had talked about last year which would help with her work as a midwife. Most of the equipment was to help with malnourished babies whose mothers were not producing enough milk, or in some cases, none at all.

I had bottles, teats, plastic containers, Milton tablets, breast pumps, feeding cups, bottle-cleaning brushes, measuring jugs, Calpol, tins of baby milk and the electric bottle steriliser.

I was waiting to see her face when she saw the electric bottle steriliser, but that was not what brought the biggest reaction. Guess what I got a big hug for? The bottle-cleaning brushes and the measuring jugs. Guess where I bought them? Pound World!

It was the little things that counted, getting things cleaned properly and being able to measure the water so the Milton tablets worked effectively..

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