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September Prayer Prompt

Hello! I’ve been asked to take over the prayer prompt which Lynda has done so faithfully for a long time.

I work as a volunteer in the HATW office a couple of mornings each week.

A few weeks ago I went with David and Chris to the Baptist Church in Ross-on-Wye, and the reading was one of my favourites, which has often inspired me in the past, from the Letter of James, chapter 2.

‘Faith without works is useless’.     Prayers only get answered if you take action, if you trust, if you take risks.   Abraham took a risk in offering his son Isaac, but his faith paid off; the work of HATW is based on faith, and look at the results!

Please continue to hold HATW and its volunteers in your prayers.


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August Prayer Prompt

This month’s prayer prompt is taken from the book The Son of God is Dancing by Adrian and Bridget Plass.  Whilst walking near his home, shortly after returning from a trip to Zambia, Adrian was aware of this internal dialogue,

“I wish I was God.”

“You can be if you want.”

He prayerfully explored the meaning of these words, you would need to read the book for the full impact, but here is the gist.

“We cannot be God, but we can represent him.  We are called to put the mantle of our heavenly father onto those we meet, so that we offer them the same love, respect and service that we offer to our God.  It will be very far from easy.  It will require an act of will and a great deal of effort and prayer.  It is faith in practice.

We pray for God’s rich blessing on everyone of us as we work out how and where best to serve him and those he loves.

The Son of God is dancing to the rhythm of his Father’s love.  We are warmly invited to join hands with our partners in the dance.”

Let’s all keep dancing! With much love, Lynda

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