Our Achievements

We thought you would be interested to see some of the things HATW has been able to achieve over the years since starting in 1994, in co-operation with its overseas partners, and through the generosity of its volunteers and supporters.  This is not an exhaustive list…  you can read more from our volunteers and about our work on (see foot of this page)

Around the world, 2500+ children benefit each day from the work of HATW.


Refurbished a village health centre and staff house

Built 3 flood-proof primary school classrooms on stilts

Started a sponsorship programme benefiting 40+ orphaned children


Refurbished 3 children’s Homes

Built 2 new favela children’s support centres


Built an orphanage and primary school

Supported programme with up to 65 children in care, 200+ in school

Supported past HATW volunteers to set up a sponsorship programme for about 45 children


Built a home for abandoned children

Helped build a school for 300+, and a vocational training centre

Started a sponsorship programme for 20 children


Built a school dormitory and wheelchair-friendly dining facilities + kitchen, able to accommodate 60 children, and advised on therapy

Provided in-service training for various types of medical staff

Built 2 small schools, one urban and one rural

Built a carpentry training workshop for vulnerable youngsters, with 5 sponsored apprentices

Built accommodation for children in care

Undertook training of bereavement counsellors (ongoing)

Built 2 houses, each for 10 children in orphans’ village, also a classroom block for 60 children



Built a school 4-classroom block, helped teachers to teach English


Set up a rural hospital physiotherapy department and helped train staff at three hospitals

Developed a children’s resource centre out of an old hospital building

Built a ‘flying doctors’ aircraft hangar


Built classroom blocks at 2 primary schools


Built a secondary school girls’ dormitory

Built teenagers’ carpentry and tailoring training workshops

Helped develop the training programme with management support and advice, also tools and sewing machines

Started a young persons’ sponsorship programme

Repaired and completed dilapidated primary school classrooms

Built 4 classrooms at a rural girls’ secondary school


Provided various staff in-service training

Built pharmacy, laboratory, 2 hospital ward extensions, and a small high-dependency nursing unit

Built classroom, office, storage, kitchen, toilet blocks, windmill water pump, staff and animal housing for vocational training centre. Provided ongoing financial support with staff costs, also staff mentoring

Built 2 small schools, provided ongoing support for staff wages, furniture, books, equipment, land purchase, bore hole and sports field

Started up a sponsorship programme for 20 children

Helped build a school + vocational training centre including mains water and electricity installation

Helped build a rural vocational training centre