What We Do

At HANDS AROUND THE WORLD we want to change the state of the world by helping to change the hearts and minds of individuals.

HANDS AROUND THE WORLD helps vulnerable children and young people in a number of locally managed centres in Africa and India,  and encourages enthusiastic and well prepared volunteers to offer practical help, skill-sharing, support and friendship.

We work with our volunteers and partners to:

  • Establish and support schools, youth training centres and workshops providing education and training for vulnerable children and teenagers.
  • Develop initiatives at each centre such as vegetable growing, poultry rearing and honey production aiming to improve the nutrition of the children and both generate income and develop the centre’s sustainability.

HATW currently works with partners in Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Benin and India, all of which are being supported to become self-sustaining. We also offer occasional support to a few centres where we have historical links.

Every day, through our overseas partners and the generosity of our volunteers and supporters, HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HATW) helps more than 2500 vulnerable children around the world, by providing the things that we often take for granted….. We strive for happy, healthy children who are safe, cared for, listened to, well fed, clothed, housed and in school. We choose to support some of the most needy – often orphaned girls, sometimes with disabilities.

Kate Adie

Who We Are


Bridget Higginson
Executive Officer

Jane Powell
Operations Manager

Sue Simpson
Development Manager

Harry Wallace
Development Manager

Helen Morgan
Finance Officer

Office Volunteers

Frances Williams
Office & Admin

Liz Willoughby
Overseas Volunteers

Dr David Steiner
Founder & volunteer

…and many more!


Contact via info@hatw.org.uk

Heidi Sydor
Philla Moore
Dot Ballantine
Tess Molloy
Wendy Sutton-Pryce
Mike Haden (UK & Jersey)
Maggie Hickland
Dr David Steiner


Kate Adie


Dr James Cairns
Vice Admiral Sir David Dobson
Dr the Hon Gilbert Greenall
Sir Martin Laing
Kevin Leech

Jean Le Maistre
Roger Maber
Archbishop Henry Orombi

Overseas projects

Kaliyangile, Zambia
Persis Musonda
David Steiner

PIZZ, Zambia
Veronica Sianga
Harry Wallace

New Life Centre, India
Alindra Naskar
Tess Molloy

Paluoc, Kenya
Paul Ochieng
Nigel Sampson

DCC, Kenya
Oliver Kirimi
Heidi Sydor

Chez Papa Geoff
Dieu Donne Kakpo
Dick Wheelock
Nigel England

Bugarama, Rwanda
Fulgence Kaneza
Mike Haden

Our History (in Brief!)

HANDS AROUND THE WORLD is a registered charity and was founded in 1994 by Lynda and David Steiner.


David, who for many years lived and worked as a doctor in general practice in Jersey Channel Islands, had become involved as a volunteer with the States of Jersey Overseas Aid Programme, during which time the plight of many people in developing countries came to be of great personal concern.


On their return to Britain in 1993 after a year at a rural hospital in Zambia, David and Lynda decided to use the experiences gained during the previous 22 years to set up an organisation which would offer practical assistance in response to a specific need, and the following year HANDS AROUND THE WORLD was born.


HATW Jersey

Our Jersey branch (HATWJ) was established in 2007 and registered as a charitable trust in the Royal Court by long term local supporters, with the object of providing a channel of communication, funds and resources between local supporters in Jersey and the parent charity.

HATWJ has subsequently developed its own direct links with projects in Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia through on going visits by volunteers and with funding support from the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission.

Find out more about HATWJ on their website: www.hatwj.org.uk

Or contact them at: hatwjersey@gmail.com