Pause For Thought by David Steiner

Today at least 74 out of every 1000 children born in Africa die before the age of 5, a rate 8 times higher than in Europe.

Today there are at least 15 million children in Africa who have lost both parents to AIDS, and 52 million who have lost at least one parent.

Today at least 5 times as many children born in Africa have Cerebral Palsy, compared with the rest of the world.

Last year, of the many people desperate enough to risk crossing the Mediterranean in crowded open boats, 2276 died in the attempt, including many children.

As some African people, mostly living in the cities, become better educated and gain access to social media and news from other places, they become acutely aware of their poverty and lack of opportunities.
For the vast majority however – the poor, rural or urban, life is still mostly about survival on the edge in a time of poor harvests, rapidly rising food prices, school fees and the cost of health care.
In these restless times of Brexit and climate change, this is the context in which we work.

I believe we need to be compassionate and always consider how we can best help make a positive and lasting difference.

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