Paluoc, Kenya, update January 2019

Our carpentry workshop gives disadvantaged youngsters who for a variety of reasons have failed elsewhere a chance to learn a valuable trade to earn money for themselves and their families. Last year was a particularly difficult year due to the illness and sad death of Lucy, the wife of Paul (centre manager and chief instructor). The workshop was sustained by help from friends, helpers, past trainees, and some small financial help from HATW.

The year ended with a Xmas party funded by HATW for the current and some former trainees. 2019 starts optimistically with a new, we hope more proactive, Board of Trustees and with some new trainees. We hope that with their help the workshop will be self-sustaining or largely so by the end of 2020.

Kevin and Godfrey (pictured below) are new trainees. Kevin is very enthusiastic and seems to have a keen interest in finding out how to use new machines and has a knack for problem solving. An initial problem for him was that he spoke little English or Luo, the languages used for instruction. As with many Africans the problem was not insurmountable, you just have to listen and learn a new language!

Samson (pictured above), was at the workshop before but left unexpectedly. Now he is back but that was only possible because Paul is providing him accommodation at Paluoc. He will live in the storage area next door to where Stephen, another trainee, currently lives. Let’s hope that that works out well. When asked what type of music they liked for the workshop most of the lads came up with South African rappers etc, Samson’s preference was for church choirs.

A couple of the more experienced trainees are allowed to work independently in the upstairs area. Whilst Paul was away they were also able to help the newer trainees a little.

The photos below show some of the varied activities that go on at the workshop, some for cash and some for training purposes.

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