Sarberia India Update December 2018

Every year on 15TH October “Global Hand Washing Day” is celebrated in many countries around the world. We also celebrated this day by organizing a “Hand Washing Camp” with the small children of our school. Our objective is to develop this habit in their daily life. They enjoyed the camp throughout.

We taught them through posters and acting out. We taught them also to convey this message of what they have learnt in the school to their parents and friends.

Apart from organizing this camp we also conduct many other programmes on environmental sanitation, health and hygiene for parents on every last Saturday of the month and to the general public once a year on the school annual day on 22nd of December. The New Life Centre school covers not only health education, but also programmes on the values of an all-round education for children and family life.

We guide them also to go for proper treatment to a specialized doctor or a hospital when they are sick instead of being prey to a quack in the village.

We are very much looking forward to starting a mother and child health clinic at this remote village when necessary funds will be available.

On the Hand Washing Camp day the following was covered:

Washing hands with soap and clean running water protects us from many harmful infections and saves life from deadly diseases.

When should they wash their hands?

At the school we are privileged to have an appropriate water supply system from a 1000 ft. deep tube well. We pump water into an overhead tank and supply water through taps fitted over wash basins for drinking and washing purposes.

We taught the children HOW to wash their hands in 10 steps and explained through the poster and acting out (as seen in the photos)

This was a big step in building up the good habit of washing their hands; making them understand how important it is to practise this habit in daily life to maintain good health.

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