Rwanda Update May 2018

On our first visit to Muko School in 2010 it was in quite a sorry state, since that time there have been vast improvements. There are now 32 classrooms to accommodate the 3200 pupils; but as 2200 juniors are only able to attend for a half day, clearly more classrooms are desperately needed. The other 1000 senior students benefit from the simple, charcoal-burning, but functional kitchens that we helped build two years ago. This enables them to receive a daily lunch of rice and beans.

Once again this November a small team of volunteers will be returning to continue with the maintenance that is essential to keep this school going. It is planned to extend the kitchen and toilets; water storage tanks are also desperately needed.

The volunteers were once again working with a local labour force (up to twenty last year) providing work for them for a few weeks of the year when they otherwise would be unemployed. All products used on the school are purchased locally which is a boost to their economy.

It has taken three years to build and complete the perimeter wall which now not only protects the school from damage during out of hours, it also prevents damage from flooding during heavy rain. No damage has been reported during recent rainfall.

The English language teaching programme that we have been operating for the last three years was once again a great success in 2017, and it is hoped that if a suitable teacher is available this year it will continue.

Our volunteers pay all their own expenses including flights and accommodation. If you have in the past made a donation to this worthy cause, I thank you, no matter how small it may be (£2 will employ and feed a person for a day) but additional funds are always required to continue the work.

Many thanks for your interest and support!

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Logwee Samuel Bakerreply
10th May 2018 at 6:38 pm

I am also a student who is needy.How can I benefit from Hands Across The world?

21st September 2018 at 4:00 pm
– In reply to: Logwee Samuel Baker

I’m sorry but we only work with local projects not individuals. Best wishes

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