What's in a smile?

I have had the great privilege of visiting Zambia regularly over the past 14 years. During that time I have watched Mrs. Sianga’s dream of transforming the lives of children turn into reality.

Providing meals for the children is an essential part of the care provided by the project. It is about removing the barriers which prevent children from gaining a good education and providing an opportunity for them to have a better life.

The results of the grade 9 examinations have been released and once again they are very good. 26 children passed their exams and qualify to complete their secondary education. We have noticed a dramatic improvement in the exam results since the children started to receive a meal each day.

However what really shows me that the project is worthwhile is seeing the beautiful smiles on the children’s faces. It’s hard to smile when you are hungry!

That you for your support which is putting a smile on so many faces at PIZZ School.

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