A Long Term Project

We have been working with the Kaliyangile Training Centre for more than 10 years. During this time we have seen many changes. Some teenagers have moved on and set up small businesses which have enabled them to support themselves and their families.

I was reminded when I visited this year that it often takes some time to obtain results. Three or four years ago I planted one of the trees that will eventually become a citrus orchard – maybe next year we will see the first oranges, after the flowers have provided their nectar for our bees.

As well as helping the bee population to thrive the orchard will provide an environment making Kaliyangile a good place to spend time and study. In the past year bushes and flowers have also been planted around the office, classroom and workshop creating a beautiful welcome as you approach the Centre.

There are many impacts of a project like that at Kaliyangile and some are difficult to measure. A very important aspect of the work done by our partners is demonstrating to those most disadvantaged that they are valued. This can be done by providing special surroundings and staying alongside the students for the long term, as well as proving the technical training.

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