Benin Report December 2017

Benin Report December 2017

Benin Report December 2017
The Benin end-of-year report this year is very positive, with 88 students being supported in Secondary School.

79 students graduated to the next year with a pass. 5 students are able to retake their end of year exam, just 1 student has been excluded.

The 7 students who had to retake their end of year exams have passed.
3 Students have passed their Baccalaureat and are now eligible to go to university.
Reine, one of the students who passed the Baccalaureat, came from Silito an impoverished village, her carers were unable to pay for her secondary education and through HATW we were able to support her. She had missed 4 years of schooling but was so keen she was able to pass each year and got through her Baccalaureat at the first go.(This is a rare achievement.). She is now in her first year of a 3 year nursing course at university. Reine is a shy girl but lights up when talking about her future in nursing. Her family and village are very proud of her.
Thank you for your interest and support.

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