Healthy Development

It is a delight to see how children develop over the years. This year Caster, now a young man who has just completed secondary school and is hoping to go to Lusangu University to do a teaching degree, reminded me that we first met when he was a young boy in grade two at PIZZ school. Our aim is to enable the children to develop and reach their full potential. This is a long term process. We have former students who are musicians and bricklayers, others work in shops – one is a vicar. Two former students are currently at university. The children at PIZZ School all have hope and ambitions. It is our job to try to faciltate their development and make these dreams come true.

There are a lot of things that contribute to the healthy development of children in Zambia. Having a school where the children can learn in a safe and caring environment is essential. In Monze, however, life is often lived at the most basic level. Each year I meet children at PIZZ school who cannot be sure of a meal when they get home. Fortunately each day at least they receive a simple nutritious meal at the school.

It is a privilege to belong to an organisation which is making such a difference to the lives of these children. Thank you for being an essential part of this project and for making such a difference to the lives of Caster and the other children at PIZZ school.

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