Lighting up Lives

Prudence left PIZZ School two years ago, she is now at Fountaingate Secondary School and is still funded through this project. She lives with her brother, but their house has no electricity.

We are unable to provide all the students with electricity at home, but we have been able to supply PIZZ school with solar lighting. This will enable students like Prudence to come along to the school in the evenings to do their homework and meet with former school friends.

Sometimes we can forget just how many people throughout the world lack even the most basic facilities and how grateful they are for a little help. After the installation of the lights Mrs. Sianga sent me this message saying “Hallo Mr. Chris we really enjoy the lights. The school looks nice at night, we feel like staying at school the whole night!”

Night in Zambia arrives between 17.30 and 18.30 each evening depending on the time of year. In recent years mains power has been unreliable – particularly during the early evening when there is maximum demand. Solar power is now the most reliable source and the new installation will make a big difference to the school. The school day has suddenly been extended to provide extra tuition and activities, adding to the opportunities and experiences of the children and truly bringing extra light into their lives.

Thank you for your donations, which have helped to make this possible.

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