Towards Sustainability

The hammer mill is now installed and will make a big difference by creating additional income and enabling feed for the livestock to be produced from the by-products.

Honey is being produced for sale locally and the students are gaining a useful skill. Some have been provided with hives to enable them to start production at home.

There is a great demand for computer training from the young people in and around Chisamba. Though the centre would like to try to meet this need, they don;t currently possess enough equipment to establish courses. They are hopeful that they will acquire some computers before long.

We are approaching the rainy season in Zambia. This is the time when preparations are being made for planting crops, until then there is little for the cattle to graze and additional feed needs to be provided.

During the year the centre has concentrated on developing income streams, such as the hammer mill and piggery, to enable it to attain self-sustainability. We look forward to more students gaining skills in the coming months and years.

Thanks for your support.

Chris Barrell

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