It’s hard to learn when you’re hungry…

Chris Barrell writes:

I have just returned from my annual visit to Monze, Zambia. An important objective is to assess how PIZZ School is developing. It is possible to get information through reports and pictures, but to get a proper understanding of the situation you really have to visit!

The joy for me is to see happy, healthy children laughing and enjoying life. This might not seem to be a great achievement to us here, but the staff at PIZZ School tell me that for many of their students, when they started school it seemed impossible for them to smile. The children have generally had a very traumatic life and part of this is living not knowing where their next meal will come from and when it will arrive. Having a regular meal at school takes away some of this stress and gives them a chance to deal with some of their other challenges.

I watched a football match where PIZZ School were playing a neighbouring school. The celebration when they scored a goal showed me that we are doing a wonderful job! The children were full of joy, excitement and energy. Without the school meals this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you for your support and please keep these children smiling!

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