Update June 2017

As I am currently in Zambia, I was able to visit the project this week. The Centre is looking smart with some extra flowers planted in front of the buildings. This gives a cheerful welcome to the students and guests, and will provide some extra food for our bees.

Good progress is being made towards full self-sustainability of the project. There are now 20 pigs. Some will be sold and others exchanged to improve the stock. A hammer mill has been purchased with the support of Hands Around the World – this should be fully installed and operational within the next week or two. The hammer mill will produce maize meal (flour) from the corn cobs. As a by product it will provide food for the pigs and cattle, reducing the need to buy feed.

Training in tailoring and knitting is continuing – as are the literacy classes and bee-keeping. Some of the past students are becoming involved in providing training for new students. Uniforms, jumpers and scarves are being made for local schools – this will provide a small income, both for the project and those involved in the production.

Co-operation with local forestry department continues to work well and new links are being made with the local church, where some youth people are being encouraged to join courses at the centre.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and is helping to sustain the project.


Chris Barrell

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